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June Voter Education Program

We the People Summit in Phoenix June 24

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If you are interested in going to this summit, please register today! Carpools are being formed to go down from Sedona and the Verde Valley - contact Sue Gould at or

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We the People Summit - June 24th, 2017, 8:30am

Phoenix Convention Center

Over the last few months, Arizona has been experiencing a political awakening with citizen involvement growing and outrage reaching a high."We the People" Summits are being held in many states and are designed to provide education and resources to each unique call to action. We strive to make progressive change here in Arizona by listening to the voices of our citizens and activating them through collaborative efforts and targeted workshops.

"We the People" is a series of three summits designed to bring together individuals, grassroots organizations, and established nonprofits to collaborate in forming a message and support of progressive values and to effect change in Arizona.

Cost: $35 Location: Phoenix Convention Center 100 N 3rd St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

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  • Fundraising on a Dime

  • How to Build a Rapid Response Team

  • Building Local Issue Campaigns

  • Neighborhood Organizing from Your Living Room

  • Navigating Political Parties

  • Building Crowd Sourced Political Research Teams

  • Running for Office. Should I and How To?

  • Campaign Finance 101 for Candidates and Organizations

  • Navigating the AZ Legislature's Website and the Request to Speak System

  • Citizen Lobbying 101 - How to Use the Legislative Process for Your Cause

  • Using Social Media for Action

  • Speed Dating: Getting to Know the Organizations and How to Get Involved

  • Long-Term Organizing - Building a Sustainable your Organization

  • Civil Dialogue 101

  • Know your Unions and How to Work with Them

  • Citizen Initiative Process

  • Why Redistricting Matters

  • Working with the Business Community

  • Starting a New Activism Group? How to Make Your Organization Street Legal

  • How to be an Effective Ally and Partner with Under Represented Communities

  • Nothing About Us Without Us: Engaging the Disability Community

  • How to Engage Younger Generations

  • Learning from history -- Activists Who Have Come Before

  • History of Movements: First Nations Struggle for Equality & How to Engage First Nations

  • History of Movements: LGBTQ Before and After Marriage Equality

  • History of Movements: African American Struggle, Then and Today

  • History of Movements: Immigration, the Border, and Latino Rights Struggle

  • History of Movements: Women's Rights, Use It or Lose It